Risk Management

The risks and threats to businesses and individuals are continually mutating. Our risk management methodology evolves on par with the changing threat landscape offering practical, efficient, and relevant risk mitigation solutions.

Our unique approach to formulating risk assessments with triangulation of quantitative and qualitative methodologies and latest research combined with direct field experience provides Clients with a distinctive advantage in navigating the plethora of risks present on the global stage.

Reputation is an individual’s most valuable asset. A Survey conducted in 2015 highlighted that 76% of High Net Worth and Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals respondents classed reputational risk as the single greatest threat to their wealth.

Identifying the source of the leak and mapping the threat landscape has been a regular request from our Clientele over the years. Through a combination of media contacts, technology, and innovative investigative methodologies, we have created effective risk management plans able to limit, and in some cases over-turn, reputational damage to our Clients.

Asset, personal, physical, residential, and reputational risk assessments represent the first step in the identification of an effective risk management plan. We pride ourselves in our innovative and granular risk management approach which have been utilised globally by Fortune500, FTSE100 and UHNWI clients since 2011.

Our Experience

Providing customised full-spectrum risk management services in Africa and Asia across multiple industries.

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High Value Asset Recovery

Country: South Africa

Set-up and ran the High Value Asset Recovery Department for one of the World's top luxury vehicle manufacturers in South Africa.

Aqaba Special Economic Freezone Master Security Plan

Country: Jordan

Directly approached by the government of Jordan to map and assess the risk of critical infrastructure assets in Aqaba.

Cyber Investigations

Country: Europe

A large European bank suffered a breach of several hundreds of thousands of client accounts. We were requested to undertake root-cause analysis and investigation and the propose immediate remedial actions.

Executive Close Protection

Country: Africa

Provided executive protection to three Forbes20 individuals conducting Philanthropic activities in Africa.

Due Diligence

Country: Switzerland

Undertook enhanced due diligence and KYC on behalf of a Swiss bank for their ultra-high-net-worth client portfolio.

Investment Due Diligence

Country: Liberia

Conducted pre-deal partner due diligence in Liberia ahead of a mining investment project.

Travel Support Services

Country: Africa

Set-up and ran the global travel desk which included full journey management and security support for a global NGO in across multiple jurisdictions in Africa.

NGO Support Services

Country: Africa & Asia

Undertook a number of stakeholder engagement and monitoring & evaluation services on behalf of NGOs in remote areas of Africa and Asia.

Influence & Media Intelligence

Country: Global

Conducted numerous influence and media intelligence projects globally on behalf of multinationals, law firms, NGOs and High Net Worth Individuals allowing Clients to dominate the narrative.

The Consilium Difference

Recognising the importance of obtaining accurate “ground‐truth” information, we differentiate ourselves from other providers of country and political intelligence by offering a bespoke analysis of the specific country identified by the client. Rather than trawling the internet and collating newspaper information and therefore obtaining “abstract” and third‐party intelligence on the status of a country, Consilium Strategies (through its extensive network of contacts) offers a “boutique and bespoke” service on a country by country basis. This involves identifying key sources, deploying our experts to the specified region, and finally conducting a detailed analysis satisfying all requirements initially identified by the Client in the consultation phase.

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