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In a world filled with complexities and ever-evolving challenges, being steps ahead requires more than just intuition. It demands detailed intelligence, comprehensive analysis, and an eye for anticipating what’s on the horizon. At Intelligence Services, we specialize in providing strategic insights that shape decisions, safeguard assets, and steer businesses towards success.

Our Core Offerings

1. Geopolitical Intelligence

2. Business Intelligence

3. Cyber Intelligence

4. Field Intelligence

Why Choose Intelligence Services?

With Intelligence Services, you aren’t merely accessing data, you’re unlocking a world of meticulously curated insights, expert analyses, and foresight. Our multi-disciplinary team, backed by cutting-edge technology, ensures that every piece of intelligence is both accurate and actionable.

Whether shaping policy, launching a new venture, or fortifying defenses, our intelligence provides the clarity to navigate with confidence.

The Future is Unpredictable. Your Response Doesn’t Have to Be.

Intelligence Services: Where insight meets foresight.


Providing customised full-spectrum risk management services in Africa and Asia across multiple industries.

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NGO Support Services

Country: Africa & Asia

Undertook a number of stakeholder engagement and monitoring & evaluation services on behalf of NGOs in remote areas of Africa and Asia.

Travel Support Services

Country: Africa

Set-up and ran the global travel desk which included full journey management and security support for a global NGO in across multiple jurisdictions in Africa.

Executive Close Protection

Country: Africa

Provided executive protection to three Forbes20 individuals conducting Philanthropic activities in Africa.

High Value Asset Recovery

Country: South Africa

Set-up and ran the High Value Asset Recovery Department for one of the World's top luxury vehicle manufacturers in South Africa.

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